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#127888 FREE Super Bowl PROPS Contest is BACK! (prediction game)

Posted by Scott Atkins on 27 January 2014 - 08:38 PM

The FREE Super Bowl PROPS Contest is BACK!

A few years back on the Red vs Blue podcast, I dubbed the term "Propnosticator" for Alex, a friend who picks props at a high rate.Just 6 days away from the Big Game. Let's play a game. How is this game going to shake out? Answer these 25 questions here on our Message board.

Winner wins a FREE ENTRY into a $250 FFWC Draft-n-Go League sponsored by Fulltime Fantasy Enter the Propnosticator Challenge for FREE.

25 questions - earn points for each correct answer - Only one entry per person. GO!


#1 - Super Bowl Champion -

8 pts - Broncos
10 pts - Seahawks

#2 - Against the Point Spread -
7 pts - DEN - 2.5
7 pts - SEA + 2.5

#3 - Over/Under Point Total -
7 pts - Over 47.5
7 pts - Under 47.5

#4 - Super Bowl MVP -
3 pts - Peyton Manning
5 pts - Russell Wilson
6 pts - Marshawn Lynch
8 pts - Broncos WR - Demaryius/Welker/Decker (you get all 3)
12 pts - Hawks WR - Percy Harvin/Tate or Baldwin (you get all 3)
15 pts - Knowshon Moreno or Julius Thomas (you get both)
20 pts - Any Seattle Non Offensive Starter
30 pts - Any Bronco Non Offensive Starter

Early Action

#5 - Who wins the Coin Toss
1 pt - Denver
1 pt - Seattle

#6 - 1st pass attempt result -
1 pt - completion
3 pts - incompletion
10 pts - interception

#7 - 1st Denver Reception -
3 pts - Welker
3 pts - Demaryius
5 pts - Decker
5 pts - Julius
8 pts - Moreno
12 pts - Tamme
15 pts - Ball
20 pts - (Field)

#8 - 1st Seattle Reception -
3 pts - Harvin
3 pts - Tate
4 pts - Baldwin
7 pts - Lynch
10 pts - Miller
15 pts - (Field)

"The Matchup" - Sherman vs DT

#9 - Demaryius Thomas Receiving Yards -
5 pts - Over 75.5
5 pts - Under 75.5

#10 - Will Sherman intercept a pass?
10 pts - YES
3 pts - NO

The Comeback - Is he really back?

#11 - Percy Harvin Fantasy Points -
3 pts - Over 14.5
3 pts - Under 14.5

Touchdown Predictions

#12 - What's the first score of the game (pick one) -
3 pts - Passing TD
4 pts - Field Goal 40 or under
5 pts - Rushing TD
6 pts - Field Goal 41 or over
10 pts - Defensive Interception or Fumble Recovery for TD
15 pts - Special Teams or "Other" TD
30 pts - Safety

#13 - Which player scores the FIRST Touchdown (pick one) -
3 pts - Marshawn Lynch
5 pts - Wes Welker
6 pts - Julius Thomas

6 pts - Demaryius Thomas
7 pts - Eric Decker
7 pts - Golden Tate
8 pts - Knowshon Moreno
8 pts - Percy Harvin
9 pts - Russell Wilson
9 pts - Doug Baldwin
10 pts - Montee Ball
12 pts - Jacob Tamme
13 pts - Zach Miller
15 pts - Field
100 pts - No Touchdown scored

#14 - Will Golden Tate Score a Touchdown?
8 pts - YES
2 pts - NO

#15 - Will Eric Decker Score a Touchdown?
6 pts - YES
3 pts - NO

QB Time

#16 - Peyton Manning Passing yards -
3 pts - Over/Under 300.5

#17 - Will Seattle Defense intercept a Peyton Manning pass -
4 pts - YES
2 pts - NO

#18 - Russell Wilson rushing yards -
3 pts - Over/Under 30.5 -


#19 - Who will have more fantasy points -
3 pts - Lynch -7.5 or Knowshon Moreno

#20 - Who will have more fantasy points -
3 pts - D Baldwin or G Tate

#21 - Who will score more fantasy points -
3 pts - Welker -2.5 or Decker

#22 - Who will score more fantasy points -
3 pts - Julius Thomas - 5.5 or Zach Miller

#23 - Who will have more Rushing Attempts -
2 pts - Montee Ball -1.5 or Russell Wilson


#24 - Longest made field goal -
3 pts - Matt Prater
4 pts - Steven Hauschka

#25 - Will either Kicker kick a 50+ yard field goal? -
1 pt - No
3 pts - Yes

TIE BREAKER (Closest to actual wins)
How many times will Peyton Manning say "OMAHA" - (Vegas line is 27 for your information)

Points earned for accurate answers. Most points wins!

PLEASE NOTE: BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WITH YOUR ENTRY. ANY EDITS OR MODIFICATIONS MADE TO YOUR POST AFTER KICKOFF WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION OF YOUR ENTRY. Residents that live where the FFWC is prohibited or regulated by law are not permitted to enter or win prizes. (Arizona, Iowa, Washington Louisiana, Montana or Vermont)
Any Ties will result in split winnings.

Answer in the following format: (JUST COPY and PASTE the summary list below into your post and then fill in your answers)

#1 - Super Bowl Champion -
#2 - Against the Point Spread -
#3 - Over/Under Point Total -
#4 - Super Bowl MVP -
#5 - Who wins the Coin Toss
#6 - 1st pass attempt result -
#7 - 1st Denver Reception -
#8 - 1st Seattle Reception -
#9 - Demaryius Thomas Receiving Yards -
#10 - Will Sherman intercept a pass?
#11 - Percy Harvin Fantasy Points -
#12 - What's the first score of the game (pick one) -
#13 - Which player scores the FIRST Touchdown (pick one) -
#14 - Will Golden Tate Score a Touchdown?
#15 - Will Eric Decker Score a Touchdown?
#16 - Peyton Manning Passing yards -
#17 - Will Seattle Defense intercept a Peyton Manning pass -
#18 - Russell Wilson rushing yards -
#19 - Who will have more fantasy points -
#20 - Who will have more fantasy points -
#21 - Who will score more fantasy points -
#22 - Who will score more fantasy points -
#23 - Who will have more Rushing Attempts -
#24 - Longest made field goal -
#25 - Will either Kicker kick a 50+ yard field goal? -
TIE BREAKER (Closest to actual wins) OMAHA COUNT -

#124057 Post A Better Lineup Than This.

Posted by Coots on 02 June 2013 - 03:22 PM



I have been following this thread and it has been very interesting...  Missed out on dynasty at this site this year but maybe in the future...  Just want to give a quick snapshot of what is important in dynasty though...


Two years ago in a 750 with CKC I had probably the worst draft ever (first year in dynasty) and traded my next year 1st rounder away....  But it is a long season of trades and free agent moves that really make the season....  I got lucky and finished in the money year 1...  Made a ton of trades year 2 and finished 1st overall regular season and made money again...  After another off season of trades I now only have 1 player left from my original team that I drafted 2 years ago (and I traded him away and then traded back for him)....  So just to sum things up the draft is important but trading and free agents are just important moving forward...  I try to win now and set myself up for three years down the road.. Try to stay ahead of the game when trading...  I now have a team that I think can compete yearly for years to come.  I have really enjoyed the dynasty format and hope you all do as well.... 

#128373 Follow the Hardcore League HERE

Posted by Breakin A on 06 February 2014 - 10:35 PM

On a plane home from CA, looking at the draft board. The guy next to me asked what I was doing..."Fantasy Football!" He looked at me kind of crazy. "You're drafting for next season already?" My response... "Of course...you mean you haven't?" Hahahahahahahahahaha. Yeah, he thinks I'm a little crazy....

#125996 Should this trade be vetoed?

Posted by ScottytheMenace on 14 September 2013 - 08:39 AM

My view is that trades should only be vetoed if they represent inappropriate conduct like a roster dump (end of season by a last place team) or collusion (one team trying to make the other better and split prize money). I don't like vetoing trades just because it looks like one team gets the better deal.

If the team getting Lynch is willing to give up picks and Welker, he obviously meeds RB help. What place would I have to say the trade is unfair?

#125079 Question about rbs.

Posted by 65gratefulfan95 on 21 August 2013 - 01:07 PM

Absolutely not. Leave mathews out. Sproles is worth far more on your league even if it wasn't ppr. Sproles is good for 4-10 catches in any game. He could outscore mathews on just those points alone. lol

#123730 Day 4 Coverage Of The Dynasty World Championship

Posted by Scott Atkins on 09 May 2013 - 07:09 PM

At first I was blown away, feeling sorry for these guys, but then I realized. If you want to pick that badly, and you REALLY want on the clock, you can make a good offer and make it happen. Startup drafts are a ton of fun, but I think what is going on here is that after the first few took most of the clock to pick or trade, by the time the next guy was on the clock, he said, "you know what? I had to wait, so I'm going to take my time and see what offers come in. "


Most of the time however, as a general rule of thumb, I think if an offer hasn't came in in the first hour of being on the clock, its going to be up to you to send an offer that somebody else wants and even then, I'd likely only do that with somebody that is in the chat so I get a quick response.  I really hope the action picks up in League 6, but I can tell you that it's not for a lack of trade offers. Plenty of offers behind the scenes, just not a lot of accepting going on.


I think I agree with CKC. Sometimes you're on the clock and you just want to evaluate every possible option. Would a shorter clock help? Perhaps, but then again, with everyone's schedules, co-managers and time zone issues, I think the longer clock is better. We're rooting for you guys in League 6! You can do it!

#123457 Draft Slots & League Assignments [Official]

Posted by BrothersMayhem on 01 May 2013 - 05:58 PM

DFWC League #2 Chat Forum link:

#122156 Our Ncaa Bracket Challenge

Posted by Scott Atkins on 18 March 2013 - 03:04 PM

For anyone who enters our bracket challenge and wants to compete to win a FREE Rotobowl team: (value $259), please answer the following questions about your bracket here on our Message Board: 


1. Which team will Win the Championship this year? (pick 1 team)

  • 15 points for a correct 1 seed guessed
  • 25 points for a correct 2 seed guessed
  • 50 points for a correct 3 seed guessed
  • 75 points for a correct 4 seed guessed
  • 100 points for a correct 5+ seed guessed

2. Which bracket will the Championship team come from? (pick 1 division)

  • 5 points Midwest
  • 7 points East
  • 10 points South
  • 12 points West

3. Which player will be named the Tournament MVP? (pick 1 player)

  • 100 points

4. Which 1 seed will go down first? (pick 1 team)

  • 20 points Louisville
  • 15 points Indiana
  • 15 points Kansas
  • 10 points Gonzaga

(same round tiebreaker - will go to the team who lost by the most points) 


5. Which 2 seed will go down first? (pick 1 team)

  • 20 points Duke
  • 20 points Miami
  • 20 points Ohio State
  • 10 points Georgetown

(same round tiebreaker - will go to the team who lost by the most points) 


6. Which 3 seed will go down first? 

  • 20 points Michigan State
  • 15 points Florida
  • 10 points Marquette
  • 10 points New Mexico

(same round tiebreaker - will go to the team who lost by the most points) 


7. Which 4 seed will advance the furthest in the tournament? 

  • 15 points Michigan
  • 15 points Saint Louis
  • 20 points Syracuse
  • 35 points Kansas State

(same round tiebreaker - goes to team who lost by the least amount of points in their last game)


8. Which single team will score the biggest upset of the first round? 

  • 14-16 seed = 100 points
  • 13 seed = 50 points
  • 12 seed = 25 points
  • 9-11 seed = 15 points

9. A 12 seed almost always wins a 1st round game. Which 12 seed will win their first round game? 

  • 20 points for a correct guess
  • 5 points for correctly guessing "none"

10. How many first round upsets will there be? 

  • 5 or less = 10 points
  • 6-7 = 20 points
  • 8 = 35 points
  • 9 = 50 points
  • 10+ = 75 points



Game Tiebreaker (how many total points will be scored in the final game) = 


Most points scored wins a Free Rotobowl Team! Answers must be timestamped before the start of Thursday's Round 1 games. Editing your post after tip-off Thursday will disqualify the entry. Minimum 25 entries. If we have less than 25 message board entries, the winner will come from the bracket challenge itself on ESPN. 

#121756 $250 Prize! Free Super Bowl Contest

Posted by Scott Atkins on 29 January 2013 - 11:57 AM



A few years back on the Red vs Blue podcast, I dubbed the term "Propnosticator" for Alex, a friend who picks props at a high rate.Just 5 days away from the Big Game. Let's play a game. How is this game going to shake out? Answer these 12 questions here on our Message board. 


Winner wins a FREE ENTRY into a FFWC 2013 online Satellite League ($250 entry) sponsored by Fulltime Fantasy Enter the Propnosticator Challenge for FREE. 


One entry per person. GO!

20 points - Super Bowl Champion - 
7 points - Super Bowl MVP - 
7 points - Against the Spread SF -3.5 - 
5 points - Over/Under 47.5 - 
3 pts - Who will have more Rushing yards? Rice or Gore? -
3 pts - Who will have more Passing yards? Flacco or CK? - 
3 pts - Who will have more Receptions? Boldin, Torrey or Crabtree? - 
3 pts - Who will have more Receiving Yards? Pitta or VD? - 
3 pts - Over/Under Ray Lewis Total Tackles 12.5 - 
1 pt - Coin toss winner - 
1 pt - First Team to Score - 
Which player scores first (pick one) - 
3 pts - Akers FG
3 pts - Tucker FG
3 pts - Ray Rice
3 pts - Frank Gore
5 pts - Kaepernick (rushing)
7 pts - Torrey Smith
7 pts - Anquan Boldin
7 pts - Crabtree
9 pts - Vernon Davis
9 pts - Dennis Pitta
10 pts - Flacco (rushing)
10 pts - Randy Moss
10 pts - LaMichael James
10 pts - Bernard Pierce
12 pts - Field

Tie Breaker - Predict the Total Fantasy Points of the highest offensive scorer in this game (2 decimal): 

(official FFWC scoring can be found here: SCORING)


Points earned for accurate answers. Most points wins!


PLEASE NOTE: BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WITH YOUR ENTRY. ANY EDITS OR MODIFICATIONS MADE TO YOUR POST AFTER KICKOFF WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION OF YOUR ENTRY. Residents that live where the FFWC is prohibited or regulated by law are not permitted to enter or win prizes. (Arizona, Iowa, Washington Louisiana, Montana or Vermont)

Any Ties will result in split winnings. 

#129802 Kpcn offshore Visit Website offshore

Posted by oecmuvlt on 10 December 2014 - 02:47 AM

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Posted by Scott Atkins on 16 June 2014 - 07:38 PM

Hello FFWC Faithful,


Scott, Ian,  and Emil here with a big announcement regarding the FFWC and FFToolbox.


You may have heard the news from our FFToolbox email on Friday, but we wanted to address the heart and soul of the FFWC separately.


It is with great pride that we announce to you…




Okay, so you’re probably wondering what that means. Scout.com is known by many of you as a college network, but under the leadership of Bob Pittman and Jim Heckman, Scout is making their move into fantasy and much more, and if you know anything about Scout, everything they do, they do big. Scout is building out their network to include NFL, MLB, fantasy, and more.


The Scout Network has long established itself as its own media network that has combined the Best Collegiate Athletics websites with the Best NFL Team websites and communities, along with a whole lot more.  Scout is now building a network  that includes the Best Outdoor websites for Fishing, Hunting, Military, and MLB. 


The NBA and NHL are about a year away.  By adding our team, the FFWC will be the anchor fantasy contest for the all-new ScoutFantasy.com, so hang on to your hats ladies and gents, a whole new set of eyeballs are going to learn about the World Championships and our community. Let us answer a few questions for you.


What does this mean for the FFWC?


Let’s start by saying we are so proud of you and what you’ve accomplished so far.  In just a little over two short years, your participation in FFWC events, drafts, social media, forums etc, has been the fuel for our fire.  Without it, we wouldn’t have the passion every morning to wake up and build for you what we consider is the best fantasy contests you’ll find anywhere. We’re players too, and we know as players you have options, and we’ve tried like hell to show our appreciation for your business. Honestly that part comes easy because, well, it’s from the heart. Without you, there IS no FFWC, no FFWC I Champ Matt Bayley, or  FFWC II Champ Glenn Lowy.  They’d still be competing of course, but not as defending World Champions looking to repeat. By the way, did we ever tell you how much we love the fact that the fantasy football world KNOWS our Champions by name?  Think about it. Can you name the others? It’s because we know who’s really behind the FFWC. It’s not us, it’s you, and it will continue to be led by you. We’re just hired help.


The FFWC will now be known as The Scout Fantasy Football World Championship. Scout is now the title sponsor of the FFWC. Just so you know, they believe in everything,  we believe in. The vision that the players who compete at the highest level are the real experts of fantasy football and we’re going to make sure the rest of the Scout Network and all its partners know about you and your success in this highly competitive game.  Our ability to promote you and your knowledge to the world just increased a thousand fold and we’re so excited for our industry. 


So we’ll roll out a new fresh logo, a few nice new landing pages for the masses, a brand new message board and coming July 1st, starts the official Scout Satellite Season. These leagues are only $34.95 to enter. Yes I said only $34.95 to play. It’s our lowest priced offering we’ve ever done so we expect these to be very popular this season. Prizes are below:


1st place wins $250 cash or FREE ENTRY into the 2015 Scout Online Championship (a $279 value)
2nd place wins $50 cash


There’s a very high likelihood you’ll be drafting against players that are very new to fantasy football at this level, so have some fun with these!


In addition, any player who is playing in the 2014 Scout Fantasy Football World Championship will receive a FREE 1 year subscription to Scout.com. That’s an $80 value! This membership will give you Member only access to the entire network including college, NFL, and MLB team sites! And you’ll have access to premium-member only forums on our fantasy site! We’ll send the details to claim this offer in the near future.


Honestly, we have so much new stuff that we’re rolling out this year already it’s hard to get any more excited than we already are, but we’ll close with this. All of us here: Scott, Emil, Ian and Cindie, we’re all still here and leading this effort like we always have. We wouldn’t go anywhere and there’s nowhere else we’d rather be but here.


We can’t wait to see you in Vegas, but in the meantime, make sure and say hello on our new forums. Finally, If you’ve been sitting on the shelf, waiting to sign up for the World Championship, don’t delay any further. Why risk it? Jump in and pick your draft time, because we’re about to launch the FFWC to the world. It’s time to take on our champs, Matt and Glenn. They’ll be waiting for you.


See you in the draft room!


Scott, Emil, Ian & Cindie


FFWC – Where the Best Players Play


#129515 New Players! - Welcome thread

Posted by DStanfield25 on 31 May 2014 - 01:21 PM

I am David. Just relocated from Louisville Ky to Punta Gorda FL and work for Southwest Airlines. This is my first time in the FFWC but have been a commissioner of fantasy football since 1996. I finished 2nd overall in the 2008 KFFC and am an originating player in the FFPC under team name Steel Tech since it's inception finishing 32 overall 2 years ago. I decided to fly out to LV this year for my 50th birthday and really liked what I've heard and read about this event so I decided to try this format.

#129508 Mirage Discount! (for Anyone playing Any event!)

Posted by FantasyQBonTwitter on 30 May 2014 - 05:15 PM

Cool, it's a great spot on the strip to stay at + awesome pools, sports book, and easy access to the drafts

#129458 New Players! - Welcome thread

Posted by M74scorpion on 22 May 2014 - 04:43 PM

ok, I'll introduce myself a little.  My name is Matt, and I'm a Fantasyfootballaholic.


I have also recently lost 22 pounds and have a ways to go (to be satisfied).  Maybe Scott and I can have a stud-off in Vegas this year.  Ohhh, even better, if they make those delicious little fruit tarts at the Mirage, we can have an eating contest.  Two deprived skinny guys going to town in creamy custard and fruit... wait, that sounds pretty, uh, well let's just nix that idea.


Anyway, I am by no means a newbie to fantasy football.  I have been playing since I drafted Randy Moss in the 8th round his rookie year.  It was the first time I ever heard the collective (expletive) while drafting, and I haven't looked back since.  I played in another HSFF a couple years ago, but last year I was not in the United States, so I wasn't sure making that investment would have been wise.  Maybe I should have since I did field two rotobowl teams, and dominated one league, while placing 2nd or 3rd in the other (can't remember).  So, I have thrown my hat in the ring with two teams this year all in the hopes of enhancing what perceives to be the greatest year of my life next year... the year I retire from the Navy.


I am doing a dynasty startup draft (league 14) and really like the guys I am in the league with.  I think after some mild disappointments on other sites, I am hoping that this is a mutual fit for me.  


One more thing, I am in a dynasty on another site with what appears to be a pretty active poster and player here, but I won't dime him out.  


Happy drafting this year to everyone, and most importantly, have some ###### fun.  

#129455 New Players! - Welcome thread

Posted by steinmans80 on 21 May 2014 - 11:39 PM

Welcome Mr Incredible/Eric

#129454 New Players! - Welcome thread

Posted by Mr. Incredible on 21 May 2014 - 05:29 PM

I am Eric, I have 4 boys ages 14, 13, 10, 15 months. 2008 was my first Main Event back at the WCOFF. This is my first year at the FFWC. I think these days there are a lot of good leagues to play at but do to a larger family I only feel comfortable with playing one Main Event. I choose the FFWC for the 13 week regular season and larger league payouts. I joined the Wednesday night draft. What drew me to the Wednesday night draft was the level of competition. I usually travel with my wife to these events. But one of these years I will get my buddies out here and make it a boys get away. Well that's about it... look forward to playing against the champ.

#129453 New Players! - Welcome thread

Posted by Scott Atkins on 21 May 2014 - 04:40 PM

Wow, I just did a count and a full 30% of our Main Event teams so far are from NEW FFWC Main Event players!


That is awesome!  Welcome to the 11-man lineups, the scoring format you're comfortable with for years, a 13 week regular season and of course... The Dominator $10K league prize. 


If you're new to FFWC, (or a returning vet who wants to help players feel at home) chime in on this thread. 


For me, I'm Scott, 2 boys (Simon 9 and Elston 7, Married to Erin (who you'll meet out in Vegas). I'm dieting, I've lost 22 pounds so far, and still a good amount to go. 


I've been playing high stakes since the very beginning when Emil and Lenny first started this amazing phenomenon. I started a podcast with my buddy Mike what seems like forever ago and well, the rest is history. 


Can't wait to see everybody this year!

#129427 SOS 2014 looks inaccurate

Posted by Scott Atkins on 15 May 2014 - 06:02 PM

We'll look into this. Thank you!

#129416 josh gordon

Posted by THE HAMMER on 10 May 2014 - 08:18 AM

well it looks like josh gordon is going to get suspended for this year for failing another drug test.  looks like marijuana takes down another player.  what is the deal with that?  can't these guys stop doing it?  i just don't get it....throwing away millions of dollars to get high with your buddies.  its just plain stupid.


sucks....he is a total stud.  now just add him to the list of potential greats like justin blackmon.  guys that can't stay off the pipe and throw away their careers

#129339 140th Kentucky Derby w Rob Benetti

Posted by steinmans80 on 02 May 2014 - 01:03 PM

When is Rob's take coming?   I say Wicked, Candy, Cali Chrome...but wtf do I know