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Week 4 Insights with Ian Ritchie

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Posted 01 October 2013 - 11:14 AM

Every week, our fearless leader bounces around the fantasy world to provide his fantasy insights on the game we love.
Matt Cassel should have a new job.  So should Christian Ponder, clip board carrier.  The fact Minnesota will probably keep Ponder the starter just shows there are people in this world more stubborn than I am. 

I wonder what Isaiah Pead did to get scratched in pre-game warm ups this week?  Daryl Richardson does not look good so whatever he did, it cost him some opportunities.  Maybe I shouldn’t even care.
Speaking of the Rams, Sam Bradford is not good enough to get them to the next level.

It was good to see Andy Reid get another win and start 4-0.  The team would run through a wall for the guy, you can see it in how they play.  After a one catch week 3, Dwayne Bowe gave Reid a big hug after the win against the Eagles.  That’s team, Baby.

With Nate Burleson going down, Brandon Pettigrew became fantasy relevant, if only for a week.   Ryan Broyles was a no show in the box score (after a bad overthrow) and it hurt a lot of teams.  Players need to earn their spot in your  fantasy starting lineup and if you hand it to them, you deserve what you get.

Phillip Rivers, the comeback story continues.  Keep riding him while Antonio Gates writes his own comeback story.  When I asked people about Gates before the season, it was met with sarcasm.  Hope those often injured feet can hang in there for Antonio.

Victor Cruz is a fantasy dominator even as Eli plays like She-Li.  When She-Li warms up again and turns back into Eli, Victor Cruz could be the WR MVP.

Rashard Mendenhall is slip sliding away.  Andre Ellington looks much quicker and it’s only a matter of time before the job is his.

The San Francisco Forty Niners get back to ground and pound against the Rams.  The defense looked like the defense we were expecting.  They ran the football with a toughness they have gone away from the last couple weeks.  This is WHO THEY ARE and it gives the team a certain swagger that they need to win.

If I was a football coach, I would want 50 Heath Millers on my roster.

Drew Brees has won 9 straight games on Monday Night Football and has 10 straight 300 yard games.  He is pretty amazing and I can only imagine if he had Thomas, Welker and Decker.

The Seahawks really grew up with a great come from behind win on the road against Houston.  Marshawn Lynch continues to carry this team on his back but desperately needs Harvin back to help him out.  They better have home field advantage in the playoffs, that’s all I can say.

I keep waiting for Trent Richardson to go off and each week I come away disappointed.  I need to stop starting him in my weekly DraftKings contest lineups, but I am too stubborn.  It’s like betting red on the roulette wheel over and over as black continues to comes up 12 straight times.  Do I really have to be right that one time to make myself feel better?

Arian Foster looked great against the Seahawks and I mean great.  Andre Johnson battled through knee injuries to have a really good game.  Matt Schaub delivered a good fantasy performance against the tough Hawks D but threw an interception for a touchdown for the third straight week and really cost his team the game.   Those types of mistakes make you an NFL loser.

Big Ben is a fighter and he showed it again this weekend.  The Steelers will be a very dangerous spoiler team down the stretch.

Jacquizz Rodgers played 46 of 76 snaps and over the last two weeks has played 89 snaps compared to Snelling and his 68 total plays.  I still like Snelling and his upside but Rodgers seems to be getting more action. 

For some reason Gio Bernard always makes me think of a sports car and the name Gio would be a great name for one.  The Fiat Gio, 0-100 yards in 10 seconds.

Looks like the recipe to beat the Eagles is to double team D-Jax and make anyone else beat you.  Or at least that is the recipe to sting all the fantasy owners. The losing happens regardless of the double team.

Nobody can stop Jimmy Graham by themselves.

Roddy White is finally back.  After weeks of being a decoy and enigma on my fantasy team, he played 74 of 76 snaps in the game against New England.  You can finally start him with confidence.

LeVeon Bell made a triumphant return to the Steelers lineup and had two touchdowns.  The patient fantasy owners were finally repaid, hopefully Big Ben will speak better of him now and start to trust him.  That flip into the endzone was not only cool, it showed me how healthy he is.

Peyton Manning has so many mouths to feed and his guys rarely go hungry.  This is an historic run and everyone witnessing it will never forget it.  The record he sets this season will last a long time, and his owners will cash some big checks this year because of it.  Sorry if I just hexed you.

Mike Glennon looked pretty average and it allowed the lowly Cardinals to steal a win.  The lost season is really costing Doug Martin stats and his owners some fantasy wins.  By dumb luck, I don’t have him on any rosters but there were certainly drafts where I wanted him.
Did LaGarrete Blount get faster?

Jake Locker was looking good before hurting his hip.  He seems to always get hurt no matter what the situation.  His mind is tougher than his body.  It’s Fitzpatrick time.

CJ Spiller hurt his ankle.   Wait, no he didn’t.  CJ Spiller did not produce again and had to leave the game with an “ankle injury”.  We all had friends like this growing up, you know, the old phantom injury when things don’t go your way.  You know what I am talking about.

Tom Brady got a military haircut.  You know what that means?  He is about to kick some a**.

The Jordan Cameron march continues and it’s amazing.  Glad he hooked up with Rod Chudzinski to make the most of his talents.  Through 4 weeks, Cameron has been targeted 43 times and has 39 receptions, a 90.7% conversion rate.  I have never seen anything like it.

When the Chargers told everyone that Danny Woodhead would play a very similar role to that of Darren Sproles, it caused universal laughter.  I guess they were right, Woodhead is playing the Darren Sproles role to a T and is a big reason Rivers is doing so well.   The Chargers are getting the last laugh.

Pierre Garcon is waiting for RG to start rolling so his numbers will go from good to great.  Scary how good that combo can be in the future when he gets 100% healthy.  Assuming he can get 100% healthy.
Coby Fleener is a trustworthy fantasy TE for the Colts.  Is it Coby Fleener, is it Pep Hamilton, or is it both?  Jury is still out for me.

Darren McFadden did what Darren McFadden does.  Once he started stretching his hamstring on the sideline, you knew it was all over.  Makes me sick to think I drafted him a few times and thought this year might be different.  Greed blinds you and drafting McFadden was all about upside greed.

Mike Wallace looked like he had a couple oven mitts instead of hands as he dropped multiple passes.  Maybe oven mitts is even being nice.
I saw Richard Sherman in downtown Seattle shopping.  I asked him, “You Happy, Bro?”  I love that Richard Sherman went to Stanford but plays with some Florida State attitude.  He is a Bad Man.

Andy Dalton does not look like he has improved.  Maybe it’s the Jay Gruden system or maybe it’s just Andy Dalton.  Whatever it is, I don’t like it.  I expect Dalton to get hot at some point but continue to be inconsistent.  AJ Green deserves better.

Justin Hunter has two catches.  Justin Hunter has two touchdowns.  Nice work if you can get it.

Julian Edelman has a name more suited to own a jewelry business than to be an NFL player.  I like Julian Edelman Jewelry.  Regardless, he is money in the bank while Amendola is out.

Cecil Shorts is the most targeted WR in the NFL.  Who would have ever predicted that to be the case after 4 weeks.  Justin Blacmon is back this week so expect it to come to an end.

Good luck week 5.

No Bilal Powell reference this week Ian? I'm hurt...



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